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On Point Security

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Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

On Point Security is a veteran-owned and -operated security company in the Bay Area. We can meet your needs with a custom-tailored security plan. If you need our services, we are only a phone call away.

Our services include:

  • Event Security: If you're having a special event or a party, it would go a long way to have a security officer present, ensuring that everyone is safe. Let our trained security officers handle the safety issues so you can focus on your event!
  • Corporate Security: Get top-notch security services for your corporate campus or other corporate property so that you can properly protect your employees. Security officers can provide protection against all types of dangers, such as disgruntled ex-employees who might return to the building.
  • Standing Post: By having a standing post officer on your premises, you get the benefit of an ongoing security presence, which can help boost crime prevention efforts. This type of security is ideal for apartment complexes and various types of commercial properties.
  • Officer Placement: Your staff, customers, and visitors will feel a sense of security by the placement of our security officers on your property or at your event. Our security officers are carefully recruited and well-trained.
  • Retail Security: If you own a business or store that deals with a lot of cash and expensive products, asset security is very important. Jewelry stores and even high-end department stores often make use of this service.
  • Executive Protection Services: If you are a high-profile person or someone who deals with finance, you may want to ensure that you are protected from questionable people. You can hire a body guard to look out for your safety wherever you go.
  • Armed Guard Services: We provide armed security to a wide variety of businesses that are looking for extra protection. Armed guard services are especially needed when a particular event or location is considered to be at higher risk for crime.
  • Unarmed Guard Services: When you need a guard placed at your business or event, an unarmed officer may be the perfect solution. You can count on us to keep your event and guests safe.

We offer our security services at all types of locations, such as apartment complexes, mobile home parks, gated communities, corporate campuses, shopping centers, hotels, schools, wedding venues, and so on, At On Point Security, you can benefit from our more than 15 years of experience in the security services business!

Please give us a call today at (408) 320-7775 to discuss your security needs. We can provide you with a free consultation.

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  • Veteran owned and operated security company
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