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Officer Placement Services

Trained Bay Area Security Officers

At On Point Security, we provide quality security officer placement services to business owners, corporations, building owners, and other clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. All of our security officers are trained rigorously to follow exact protocol, and also to work with our clients' specific needs. By creating a strong security presence at your place of business or property, we are able to prevent a good percentage of crime before it even begins.

All of our officers are:

  • Selectively recruited
  • Carefully screened
  • Thoroughly trained

Our security officers are BSIS-certified (or certified by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) for the state of California. They are trained to not only prevent crime, but also to respond to crime quickly and effectively when it does occur. We know that you value the safety of your property, employees, and / or visitors, and therefore want to take measures to protect them. Having an officer placed on-site is a simple, easy way to do exactly that. Don't hesitate to get started with proper security measures today. Call us at (408) 320-7775!

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