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San Francisco Bay Area Security Presence

At On Point Security, we provide professional security officers for businesses all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Many of our clients choose standing post security for their premises, as this option provides for more extensive security coverage. With standing post security, one or more security officers will remain fixed at your location for an extended period of time. This means that the security officer will be readily available to tend to any safety issues that arise.

In contrast, some companies instead opt for security patrol services, which are more limited. With these types of services, the security officer will show up for a limited amount of time to patrol the area and perform certain security-related tasks, and then the officer will leave to perform services for the next client.

Some of the benefits of having a standing post officer on your premises include:

  • Improved ability to deter criminals due to ongoing presence of security personnel
  • Faster response to security threats or issues
  • The option to have the security officer also provide reception services

Trained Officers Standing Guard on Your Premises

By maintaining a highly visible presence, our goal is to prevent criminals from trying anything suspicious. Our standing post officers have undergone thorough background checks and extensive training, so you can trust that you are in safe hands when you hire us.

Whether you need standing post security for a corporation, a bank, a hospital, a hotel, an apartment complex, or another type of property, you can count on us for high-quality services! To discuss your security needs and find out more about our standing post services, call us now at (408) 320-7775!

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